andean Mysteries

Exploring the Cosmic Vortex of Ancient Wisdom and Collective Prayer

About Us

These journeys, weaving through the fabric of time and tradition, offer a unique opportunity to connect with ancient wisdom

Consult with revered elders, and embrace the spiritual essence of three distinct locations. Each pilgrimage is a chapter in the unfolding narrative of Andean spirituality, weaving threads of knowledge, unveiling the mysteries of sacred spaces, and diving into the primordial waters of profound consciousness.

Andean Pilgrimages 2024

Weaving, Wisdom, and Water

$3,000. USD

Willka Puriy Hatun Chavin

Sacred Pilgrimage to the House of Knowledge

$3,000. USD

Willka Puriy Titicaca Tiwanaku

Sacred Pilgrimage to the Lake of the Primordial Water

$3,000. USD

Puriy Awaq Ñan

Pilgrimage in the Path of Weaving

Exclusive Trilogy Offer

Secure your spot in the heart of Andean cosmovision with our
Exclusive Trilogy Offer—$7,000 if you reserve all three together. Immerse yourself in ancient wisdom.
Limited spaces available.